Hi, I'm Kate and I am the cake designer at Cake Is Happening.  I'm also the CEO, CFO, CTO, social media manager, baker, washer upper, structural engineer, supply manager and delivery driver.  And probably a couple of other job titles I forgot to mention. Running a cake business is endlessly challenging but it brings me so much joy and fulfilment and that makes it totally worthwhile.

When I'm Kate, the cake designer, I am myself.  Not someone's mum, or wife, or daughter, though these are all things I love to be.  But just me. The joy of running my own business gives me a sense of empowerment that keeps me going.  It allows me to utilise my core principles in everything I do. For your cake that means that every one will taste as good as it looks.  For the business it means that everyone is dealt with politely, honestly and with integrity. You find out more about my core values in my blog

My aesthetic is colourful and contemporary.  I work mostly in buttercream and ganache, but add decorations in a variety of chocolate, sugar and fondant. My style is always evolving and growing as I believe in personal development and am always keen to invest in new techniques and equipment. 


For a ready to order design please visit the signature cakes. For a bespoke design please do contact me to discuss your ideas and event using the contact form.  

I look forward to working with you to telling your story in delicious flavours and exciting designs.