Hi, I’m Kate and each cake I make sets my heart alight. Based in N12, North London, I make contemporary, colourful and abstract designs, predominantly in buttercream and ganache.


The business began on a whim. In January 2018 I was ready to consider going back to work as my youngest child was getting ready to start nursery but wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do.  Baking and decorating had always been a part of my life and when my best friend asked me to make her six year old’s birthday cake it became the catalyst that began Cake Is Happening. When people said I should start a business at first I was frightened. Then, it occurred to me the worst that could happen would be nothing - I’d get no orders. So I decided to give it a go. Before I knew it, I was making three, four, five cakes a week and we all knew I had a bonafide business on my hands.


It took me a while to find my personal style.  After making numerous novelty children’s cakes I realised this wasn’t really bringing me the joy I desired and I consciously made the move to more a style which is distinctly me.



On the signature cakes page you will find the cake designs I am most proud of and I believe will bring me joy even if I replicate them a hundred times.  I’ve shown one tier versions of these for smaller events but all can be extrapolated into two and three tier versions for parties with more guests.


For a bespoke design please do contact me to discuss your ideas and event using the contact form.  


Recently a good friend called me “a storyteller whose medium is cake”. 


I look forward to working with you to telling your story in delicious flavours and exciting designs.

Copyright 2019

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