How much does a cake cost?


You will find guide prices on my signature cakes, though these can increase dependent on the choice of flavours.  Bespoke cakes require a bespoke cost.


Do you deliver?


Yes I can deliver your cake and for cakes over two tiers delivery is essential as most will need to be assembled on site.  My minimum delivery fee is £15 and will increase depending on time needed for assembly and distance.


Can I collect?


You may collect your cake if it is able to be transported fully assembled. But please do read the terms and conditions carefully as they contain instructions for transporting and caring for your cake.  Once a cake has left the premises it is no longer the responsibility of Cake Is Happening.


Do you cater to dietary requirements and allergies?


The majority of my cakes can be made dairy free, gluten free or vegan.  I cannot cater for severe allergies as my kitchen contains allergens and I cannot guarantee no cross contamination. It is for the buyer to decide if this is safe for them or not.  


Can I try your cake?


I offer a cake tasting and design consultation for £50.  This includes three flavours of cake to try and a meeting to discuss the design of your cake.  I will shortly be offer quarterly cake boxes for you to order and try at home.


Do you make themed cakes?


I will not violate copyright law to make a cake. This means I will not replicate logos or TV characters and such.  However a cake can be made to fit in with and complement any themed event with design and colour choices.


What is your hygiene rating?


I’m very proud of my 5 hygiene rating.  Please do check this on the government website or scores on the doors, for my business and anywhere you purchase food.


What is the difference between buttercream, frosting, ganache and fondant?


Buttercream is made using butter and icing sugar beaten together.  It is very sweet and stays soft on the inside of your cake and forms a firm edge on the outside.  It is easily flavoured


Frosting is a dairy free version of buttercream. It is suitable for vegans.


Ganache is made with cream and chocolate.  It is less sweet than buttercream and only comes in white, milk and dark chocolate flavours


Fondant, also called sugar paste, is exactly that. A paste made with sugar that can be rolled out and used to cover a cake. A firmer version called modelling paste is also used to create adornments for your cake.


What size cake do I need?


Please refer to my portion guide but remember that it is only a guide. Depending on how you choose to cut your cake you will end up with a different number of portions.  And what is a portion for one person will be too much, or not enough, for another person.